List of manufacturers

Pneus St-Hubert provides you with a variety of products offered by different manufacturers / manufacturers. We offer you the biggest brands of tires like: BFGOODRICH - BRIDGESTONE - CONTINENTAL - FIRESTONE - GOODYEAR - MICHELIN - YOKOHAMA.

You will find summer and winter tires at a discount for your car, SUV or truck. Our team of technicians assures you an unparalleled and courteous service for the installation and balancing of your tires. You are in the right place to shop for your tires at a discount, consult one of our specialists.


Collection : NEREUS


NS316  Summer tire


Tourisme / Tourism Symétrique / Symmetric Blank icon

NS501  Summer tire


All Terrain Symétrique / Symmetric Blank icon

NS515  Summer tire


Highway Terrain Symétrique / Symmetric Blank icon

NS518  Summer tire


Highway Terrain Blank icon

NS523  Summer tire


Mud Terrain Symétrique / Symmetric 15 Blank icon

NS601  Summer tire


Tourisme / Tourism Asymétrique / Asymmetric Blank icon

NS602  Summer tire


Performance / Performence Directionnel / Directional Blank icon