Size : 35X12.50R17 • 10E
CV : 121Q
Aspect : BW


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5 year workmanship and materials warranty


The Toyo Open Country C/T light truck tire is designed for on-off road winter driving conditions, combining winter performance with commercial durability and traction. The Open Country C/T delivers optimum traction in all off-road conditions including dirt, gravel, mud and snow, while providing a quiet, comfortable highway ride.

The tire features a brand new compound that balances cut/chip resistance with improved winter performance. This was achieved without sacrificing durability, tread life and wet/dry handling, while delivering a quiet, comfortable ride that you would not expect from a all-terrain light truck tire.


The natural rubber blend resists cutting, chipping and stone drilling while remaining flexible in cold temperatures for enhanced grip and traction in extreme winter conditions.

Deep grooves and stone ejectors elevated stone ejectors are optimally positioned throughout the tread grooves to dislodge stones that may penetrate the tread.

Aggressive sidewall and buttress for tough looks and even tougher performance in dirt, mud or snow.

Dual-angle shoulder blocks designed to enhance traction in snow, mud and rutted road conditions.

Exceptional bruise resistance construction for superior traction and steering response with increased stability and durability.

Open notches and deep sipes work together for enhanced wet and snow traction.

Open shoulder grooves helps propel the vehicle through mud, slush and snow.

Pinned for (#15) studs for optimal snow and ice traction.

The Open Country C/T is pinned for studs and exceeds Transport Canada’s snow tire standards as indicated by the "3 Peak Mountain Snowflake" symbol.



Manufacturer TOYO
Season ALL (Winter approved)
Original equipment (OE) N/A
Run Flat N/A
Usage All Terrain
Tread Symmetric
Nail OUI (No.15)
Durability N/A
Noiseless N/A
Ecological N/A
Novelty N/A
Best seller N/A
Warranty RH N/A