The Nexen N'Priz RH7 tire is a truly perfect all-season tire for sport utility vehicles and is used as original equipment on some Mitsubishi and Kia vehicles.
It gives you among others;
• Incomparable silence and rolling comfort
• Excellent maneuverability in all seasons
• Outstanding traction even in light snow
Thanks to technologies unique to Nexen, such as its advanced center rib block, the Nexen N'Priz RH7 tire allows great precision in turns and in a straight line. And for perfect control even at high speeds or when dragging heavy loads, its shoulder block and its 3 and 4 division tread patterns are able to take everything with precision.
With the 4 wide circumferential straight grooves that evacuate water quickly and efficiently from this Nexen tire designed for light trucks and SUVs, you will benefit from increased safety in the event of the risk of aquaplaning. The internal structure of the Nexen N'Priz RH7 tire includes 2 steel belts reinforced with spiral-wrapped nylon to give it added strength and durability, as does the 2-ply polyester cord wrap that serves to promote quality remarkable ride.
this tire has a symmetrically designed tread made of an improved silica compound, with notched shoulder blocks that interlock with intermediate blocks as well as a continuous center rib that improves cornering, traction and promote even wear for longer life.



Manufacturer NEXEN
Model N PRIZ RH7
Original equipment (OE)
Usage Tourism
Tread Symmetric
Nail N/A
Durability N/A
Noiseless N/A
Ecological N/A
Novelty N/A
Best seller N/A
Warranty RH N/A